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"Teyandee" (てやんでえ) is Yattaro`s favorite phrase.

"Teyandee" is a word that doesn't translate well into English. It's a retort used primarily by the old Tokyo city district residence and represents the Edo spirit
as espoused by the city folk in the area. It most likely evolved from the sentence "nani itte yandee?" ("What are you saying?" with disdain). See the eighth issue of the "Pizza Cats Review" newsletter for more details.

Teyandee usage

During the episode, Yattaro says てやんでえ! numerous times:

1) "Teyandee!” is yelled by Yattaro during the opening credits song (Ottodokkoi Nihonbare (TV Size))

Teyandee (opening credits)

2) Teyandee! is said by Yattaro during the team introduction

Teyandee (introduction)

3) Teyandee can be heard when Yattaro is saying the 10th episode title: "Teyandee! Kore ga Nyankii dee” (てやんでえ!これがニャンキーでえ):

Teyandee (10th episode title)

4.1) Throught the episode, Teyandee is usually said by Yattaro many times.

4.2) Teyandee, yelled by Yattaro, can also be heard when Ottodokkoi Nihonbare is used in 2 episodes:

9Suit up/launch sequence
Mecha Mecha Ninpou Hidenchou chapter 4 - Nyanki
20Nyago King/Toritsukkun Armors are summoned
Mecha Mecha Ninpou Hidenchou chapter 13 - Toritsukkun Armors 2

5) In the announcements of next episode, "Teyandee" can be heard 2 times:

  1. As a part of "Next episode of Kyattou Ninden Teyandee:" phrase, said by Yattaro
  2. As Yattaro`s battle cry

Teyandee said by other characters

9Pururun, Sukashii and Otama
Teyandee (Pururun Sukashii Otama)
9ヤットカメ1号 in Yattaro form
Teyandee (ヤットカメ1号)
Teyandee (Karamaru)
37Itsumono Ko
Teyandee (Itsumono Ko - episode 37)
37Pururun (twice - in the next episode announcement)
Teyandee (Pururun)
38Itsumono Ko - 4 times
Teyandee (Itsumono Ko - episode 38-1)
Teyandee (Itsumono Ko - episode 38-2)