Nyanki Ninpou is a special attack or ability perfomed by Nyanki.

One Nyanki


About Ninpou Picture

Description: Yattaro is spinning his sword to create a freeze air flow.

Shown in episodes: 11
Yattaro Ninpou 1

Ninpou name: Juuden Bainaeshi
Description: Electricity reversing technique

Shown in episodes: 43
Nyanki Ninpou - Juuden Bainaeshi

Description: A bomb explosion creates a railway

Shown in episodes: 50
Yattaro Ninpou 3

Ninpou name: Rista Shuriken
Description: Wrist Shurikens

Shown in episodes: 53
Nyanki Ninpou - Rista Shuriken


About Ninpou Picture

Ninpou name: Pinboke Flash
Description: Spinning umbrella produces blinding light

Shown in episodes: 1, 12[2]
Nyanki Ninpou - Pinboke Flash

Ninpou name: Neko Damashi
Description: Spinning umbrella produces a hypno rings

Shown in episodes: 1, 10[1], 12[2], 43[3]
Nyanki Ninpou - Neko Damashi

Description: Spinning umbrella creates trapping rings

Shown in episodes: 11
Sukashii Ninpou 3

Description: Anti-bugs special attack

Shown in episodes: 26
Sukashii Ninpou 4

Description: An umbrella-throwing technique

Shown in episodes: 30, 33 (net cutting), 54[4]
Sukashii Ninpou 5
Sukashii Ninpou 5-1

Description: Limboing Sukashii

Shown in episodes: 40
Sukashii Ninpou 6

Description: Spinning umbrella creates waves capable to control the enemy

Shown in episodes: 43
Sukashii Ninpou 7

Description: Special for Inuyama Wanko-no-Kami :)

Shown in episodes: 46, 54[4]
Sukashii Ninpou 8


About Ninpou Picture

Ninpou name: Neko Maneki
Description: Beckoning Cat

Shown in episodes: 1, 2, 10[1], 12[2]
Nyanki Ninpou - Neko Maneki

Ninpou name: Kakimushiri no Jutsu
Description: Fast turning and scratching claws by Pururun

Shown in episodes: 3, 8, 12[2]
Nyanki Ninpou - Kakimushiri (no Jutsu)

Ninpou name: Kakimushiri
Description: Hard hitting with claws

Shown in episodes: 37, 43
Nyanki Ninpou - Kakimushiri

Description: Power of charming

Shown in episodes: 46
Pururun Ninpou 4

Ninpou name: Tokimeki Poppun Bakudan
Description: Big heart-shaped bomb

Shown in episodes: 46
Nyanki Ninpou - Tokimeki Poppun Bakudan

Two Nyankees

Pururun and Sukashii

About Ninpou Picture

Description: Pururun and Sukashii are sliding just above the
ground and kicking the enemies off their feet

Shown in episodes: 47
Pururun Sukashii Ninpou 1

Yattaro and Sukashii

About Ninpou Picture

Ninpou name:Nakayoshi Koyashi
Description: Spinning Yattaro and Sukashii in Toritsukkun Armors are creating a hurricane

Shown in episodes: 40
Nyanki Ninpou - Nakayoshi Koyashi

Description: "Turn around trick", Sukashii and Yattaro turning the tube 180 degrees counterclockwise

Shown in episodes: 46
Yattaro Sukashii Ninpou 2

Three Nyankee

About Ninpou Picture

Description: Nyankii are inflating a balloons to scare The Yami no Yon Nin Shu

Shown in episodes: 16
Yattaro Sukashii Pururun Ninpou 1

Description: After taking each others hand and spinning, Nyankees are producing a color tornado

Shown in episodes: 22
Yattaro Sukashii Pururun Ninpou 2


  1. 10th episode was a clip show, consisted of excerpts from previous episodes.
  2. All Ninpous in the 12th episode weren`t actually perfomed - they were shown to Ko'on-no-Kami in the video.
  3. Sukashii was ready for Ninpou - he placed his umbrella in necessary position. But he had no time to perfome it – a bull hit him before he can use his Ninpou.
  4. 54th episode was a clip show, consisted of excerpts from previous episodes.