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Neko Me Surasshu (猫目スラッシュ (cat eye slash)) is Yattaro`s Hissatsu attack. Note: Throughout the episodes, this attack is usually referenced to as Neko Me Slash.

It is perfomed with his magic Youtou-Masamasa sword (妖刀マサマサ (magical or spooky sword masamasa)). It used in episodes 1-29, 31, 33-51, 53-54.

When Yattaro reaches his purest chivalry spirit, the magic sword Youtou-Masamasa will break from its spell to put its true power to the sword holder.

Hissatsu Neko Me Slash

Hissatsu Neko Me Slash

Hissatsu: Neko Me Slash

In Episodes 14, 15, 25, 31, 33, 42 and 47 (2nd Hissatsu) Neko Me Slash is perfomed while Yattaro is in Toritsukkun Armor:

Hissatsu - Neko Me Slash (Toritsukkun Armors)

In some episodes a kind of "Neko Me Slash" attack is used against Yattaro:

EpisodeEnemy Picture
9 A copycat robot (ヤットカメ1号) in Yattaro`s form
Neko Me Slash 1
  • Karamaru, testing the prototype of Youtou-Masamasa sword on dummies of Nyankees.
  • Karamaru, trying to perform the real attack on Nyankees while using the copy of Youtou-Masamasa sword.
Neko Me Slash 2
Mechanical theft robot (ルパン3号) using the copy of Youtou-Masamasa sword.
Yattaro vs ルパン3号

Yattaro vs ルパン3号

Yattaro vs ルパン3号

Neko Me Slash 3

In episode 37 Karamaru was able to catch the energy from the “Neko Me Slash” attack and use it against Yattaro. (See Hissatsu by Karamaru)

In 49th episode Yattaro uses "Neko Me Slash" to divide the sea and rescue Shogun Tokugawa Iei Iei:

Neko Me Slash (episode 49) - 1
Neko Me Slash (episode 49) - 2

In the 53rd episode Yattaro perfomed a powerful Neko Me Slash strike while operating the Nyaggo King.

Neko Me Slash by Yattaro controling Nyaggo King

Neko Me Slash by Yattaro controling Nyaggo King