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Koorogi Satomi (Otama`sseiyū) made a cover of To Be Yourself song.
The music in this version is newly arranged, and is in a lower key than the original.
(On some tracklists the Japanese title is used - トゥ・ビー・ユアセルフ) You can listen the track at the (To see the video you must register on the site) This song is included in とうきょうデンキKIRAKIRA合唱団/THE COVERS alubum (track №10).


To Be Yourself
Album とうきょうデンキKIRAKIRA合唱団/THE COVERS
Language Japanese
Length 3:25
Artist Koorogi Satomi (こおろぎ さとみ)
Lyricist Mana Anju (真名杏樹)
Composer Ike Takeshi (池毅)
Arrangement Shinobu