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Aburami Brothers - Red Disc
Aburami Brothers - Red Disc.jpg
Released 21 December 1995
Language Japanese
Label King Records
Catalog number KICA-276
"Aburami Brothers" is a series of CDs including comical skits and songs, whose primary writer was Akahori Satoru, one of the writers for KNT. One of the songs included on the "Red Disc" is "Koi no Kikime" (恋のキキメ), a song sung by Omistu's and Pururun's voice actresses in the style of their idol duo songs from the show.


Album Aburami Brothers - Red Disc
Length 4:23
Label King Records
Artist Orikasa Ai (折笠愛), Mizutani Yuuko (水谷優子)
Lyricist Kimoto Keiko (木本慶子)
Composer Iizuka Masaaki (飯塚 昌明)
Arrangement Iizuka Masaaki (飯塚 昌明)